January 25, 2015 | by Michael
Trials Fusion Adds Online Multiplayer

Nine months after the release Trials Fusion would like to welcome you to the future of side scrolling motorcycle racing, online multiplayer. With another DLC pack coming out this Tuesday, January 27th, Ubisoft is sending out a free update which will include ‘Online X-Supercross’ where two players race against one another for two rounds, on two random tracks. The update also adds a private online multiplayer match which can go up to 8 players and allows users to set which tracks to play on and adjust options like backwards controls and game gravity. PC beta participants can also experiment with a new spectator mode which allows users to watch private matches.

The DLC pack, the fourth one for Fusion, is called ‘Fire in the Deep’ and gets you 11 new tracks, 27 new challenges, and a handful of new achievements for $4.99. Somehow this isn’t even the last piece of DLC planned for Fusion with two more packs planned for March of this year.

I haven’t touched Fusion since it first came out suddenly last April but the idea of jumping on with a bunch of friends to low-grav my way along dirt tracks is enough for me to dive back in.

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