February 4, 2017 | by Rose
The Next PS4 Update Adds External Hard Drive Support

A little over three years after the PlayStation 4’s launch, console owners will be getting a feature that at this point, could never be more welcomed. When the next system update (available now if you’re a beta tester) comes out, you’ll be able to hook external storage devices, like a USB hard drive, up to your PS4 to use for storing all those big current-gen games.

If you’re a PS4 owner who owns more than three games, you probably know the agony of having to manage the default storage space of 500 GB with the hefty sizes of modern games and all their updates. This update will be great for those who can afford a little extra storage to take a little bit of the frustration out of their gaming experience. Drive sizes of up to 8 Terabytes will be supported, so if you’re excessively wealthy your PS4 will probably never run out of space ever again.

This isn’t the only update we’ll be getting soon however. PSVR will be getting support for 3D Blu-Ray, which I guess if you’re someone who already owns a PSVR, you’re also the kind of person who won’t scoff at a 3D Blu-Ray. Also coming are tweaks to the quick menu, which will let you join a PSN party without leaving your game, the ability to post custom statuses to your PSN social feed, and support for custom backgrounds using any screenshots saved to your system (this means basically any picture if you just screenshot it in-browser).

All in all its hard to complain about getting some good quality of life features, even if they’ve come a bit later than they should have. It’s unknown when this update will go live for everyone, but if you’re a beta tester, you should already have access.


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