September 14, 2016 | by Rose
Updated: Sony San Diego Struck With Layoffs

Update: According to a post on, the MLB: The Show team wasn’t laid off. It sounds like the reported layoffs at this location are related to the planned London VR layoffs.

Original story: Coupled alongside today’s layoffs at Sony London’s VR-based studio, it seems that Sony’s San Diego studio has suffered losses to their staff count as well.

Senior UI Designer Noah Watkins tweeted out earlier today that their entire team has been laid off.

Sony San Diego has best been known for their work on games like MLB: The Show, and their most recent project was God of War creator David Jaffe’s Drawn to Death. Members of the studio also seem to have worked on varying aspects of the PS4’s UI as well, so compulsory layoffs after the release of the most recent firmware could make sense.

The severity of these layoffs is still up in the air, and we’ll update this story with any information that comes out.


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