August 4, 2015 | by Michael
Quantum Break Trailer/Release Date

After missing out on E3, we got to see a new gameplay trailer for Quantum Break as well as its release date, April 5th, 2016. The footage looked new and the time effects looked more integrated into the this 3rd person cover shooter. You can create small ‘time bubbles’, which freeze enemies and the objects around them, giving you time to pump enough shots into red barrels or nearby cars to create explosions to wipe out enemies in your way. Some of the other effects, like walking into a warehouse and seeing story play out at high speeds through time, seem scripted. It’d be nice to have some fast forward control through these little vignettes and be able to stop and listen to some other dialogue.

The live action “television” show, that does pack some hefty star power, is built inside the game. So you’ll be treated to some real life footage of real life actors talking about your video game world. It does look neat, but that stuff can quickly stray into bad FMV game territory rather quickly, even with good actors.



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