March 17, 2021 | by Melissa
Melissa’s Intro Post

Hi, I’m Melissa but my friends often call me Mel. Today I begin my escapade on the Video Game Choo Choo train with my very own goal of reviewing some games I’m passionate about, and talking about anything nerdy that strikes my fancy.

I hail from the Midwest in Wisconsin where I currently spend my days studying to be a massage therapist. Lately, since the pandemic hit, I’ve enjoyed socializing with my friends by playing Final Fantasy XIV. I’m a huge fan of the following video game series: Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Tales of, Metal Gear, Digimon, Pokémon, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Nier, and Shin Megami Tensei, just to name a few. Of course I can’t forget that I enjoy watching anime from time to time. Discovering great and underrated older anime is one of my favorite past times.

When I was a kid, my cousin introduced me to video games, and while I never owned any in the 90s, I knew that they would become a huge part of my life. I was given a Game Boy Advance and started my video game journey with hours and hours of Sonic Advance and Pokémon Crystal. I decided to take it one step further by saving money from lawn cutting to buy a GameCube. It has almost been 20 years since I started playing video games, and I’ve met so many amazing people who enjoy the same games as me.

I’m extremely excited to be providing my opinions in review and podcast form once again. Both became important hobbies of mine during the start of the last decade. Before this, I was a very soft spoken and shy person, but these two pursuits helped me open up and become more open about sharing my opinions on the things I am passionate about.

Anyway, thank you for letting me share my humble beginnings with you all today. I am eager to see what new opportunities await me as I begin this new adventure.

Melissa is a video game player, writer and podcaster by trade, She also enjoys anime and old classic manga.

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