June 9, 2016 | by Scott B
Update – Destiny: Rise of Iron Release Date and Price Revealed

Update: Bungie’s official livestream of the Destiny: Rise of Iron announcement revealed that the expansion will cost $30 USD, which is $10 less than the price of The Taken King. Whether that’s relative to the amount of content in this latest expansion is still up for question. This expansion will also only be available on current gen platforms. This is the first time that 360 and PS3 will be left in the cold (pun kind of intended) since the game’s release.

Rise of Iron will include plenty of new types of content. Three new areas are being added to the game, including a new social space. While it seems like two new areas and one new hangout spot, Bungie has confirmed that combat missions will take place in the social space, which is a pretty new idea for Destiny. Some other interesting tweaks included are new patrol missions and public events, a brand new never-before-seen crucible mode, and more updates on older strikes. Finally, the original Gjallarhorn will now be available in the game via questline, while the Iron Gjallarhorn is a pre-order exclusive.

Cat ears are confirmed for Rise of Iron.

Original Story: In a trailer captured straight off Snapchat of all places, some pretty serious info on Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron has been dropped; most notably a release date of September 20th.

The trailer shows off a new snowy area called The Plaguelands and a new skin for the Fallen enemy types. Hopefully that means they’ll be substantially different gameplay-wise, but that remains to be seen. It also flaunts some pretty nice looking armor, and promises brand new gear, new strikes, a new raid, and an increase in the maximum light level.

For players who feel burned that their Gjallarhorn never made it to Year 2, they’ll have the opportunity to get a reskinned iron version of the weapon as a pre-order bonus. This is just speculation, but I’m assuming it’s not going to be anywhere near as gamebreaking as the original.

Bungie is hosting a livestream, presumably to show off the new content mentioned here and more, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET later today. You can find the link to that livestream here.

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