November 6, 2013 | by VGCC Staff
CONTEST – Draw a Video Game Choo Choo Anime Mascot!

Mamma mia, ladies and gentlemen!

We are hosting our FIRST EVER Video Game Choo Choo contest where we ask YOU, THE FANS, to design for US an official Video Game Choo Choo anime lady!


No lewd.
Must be train themed to some extent.
Must be A.N.I.M.E.
No tracing. I’ve seen every anime ever. I’ll know.


Your design will be featured on an OFFICIAL Video Game Choo Choo shirt, which you will earn ROYALTIES for with every sale!
You will receive a $10 game of your choosing on Steam!
You will receive a recording of Steven’s voice, up to one minute, of WHATEVER YOU WANT.
You will receive a Steam copy of Sleeping Dogs!


Post your drawing on Tumblr under the #vgcc or #video game choo choo tags, or submit the drawing to the Official VGCC Tumblr. In two weeks time, we will go through the entries and hold pick our favorite. If you’re lucky, your design might be picked to become the official face of the Choo Choo!

Best of luck to every single one of you!


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