October 11, 2019 | by Zack
Zack’s Goodbye Post

I never was good at a lot of things. For example, starting an article or post – like this – was always tough. Like most people, once I got going, it would be easier. But starting was always hard. I never quite knew how to say what I wanted to say. Maybe it’s because I was better at expressing myself through video, or on the podcast. Maybe it’s the ol’ ADHD brain – the way all the words just jumble around in my skull, like a mosh pit of half baked ideas. It’s never been easy to deal with. Do you know what else I have trouble with?


You can probably guess what I’m on about by the overly dramatic tone and… uh, well, shit, the title of the post, I guess. There’s really no reason to be anything but blunt: I’m officially dropping from Chooch’s staff. I’m moving on to do bigger and better things. (Actually, realistically, I’m more likely to move on to smaller and worse things. But the thought is nice.) It’s been a fucking amazing time, and I have met friends that I will hopefully be able to cherish for years to come. And really, with a community as strong as you all? It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere any time soon. You’ll still see me posting garbage on Twitter Dot Com, and acting like a damn fool in The Game Zone Dot Zone. So, cheer up, reader. Wipe away the tears you have almost certainly shed. Instead, watch Xchoom episode 0, because it still makes me laugh until I can’t breathe.

Be good. I love y’all.

Zack is very large, not very in charge, and loves to play fighting games and make videos on the internet. He's also your new best friend!

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