February 5, 2015 | by John
Yo, Persona 5

I was worried I wouldn’t be surprised by the Persona 5 trailer. Even though I knew past Persona games didn’t, I still thought P5 would follow in P3 and P4’s footsteps and be about semi-normal school life. I’m glad I was wrong!

Persona 5 seems to be about a band of thieves. Yeah, they do go to school, but in between classes they put on catsuits and rock that town!

The trailer speaks for itself mostly, as we see the return of Igor, twin velvet room hosts, classroom antics, and mid-robbery shadow fights. At the end, we see the MC bathed in the series’ trademark blue flame, which I interpret to mean that not only do the characters wield their personas, they become enveloped and fully control them now. Remember that season of Digimon when that happened? N-no? Oh. Sorry.

If you have thoughts about this trailer (and I KNOW you do, I mean c’mon, look at that cat mascot!) drop ’em in the comments.

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