February 28, 2017 | by Michael
Xbox Game Pass Brings Netflix Style Game Subscription to Xbox

A bunch of companies have tried to copy Netflix’s success and apply it to video games, but only to some success. Gamefly still exists somehow, Redbox rents you both games and DVDs still, and on the streaming end, a video game requires a hefty internet connection to even consider. Xbox is trying their hand in this not-quite-Netflix style of service.

For $9.99 a month you’ll get access to a library of games which you can download and play. That’s right, download. No streaming like with PS Now, you’ll have to wait for the entire game to download before you can begin playing. Luckily the service will include Xbox 360 games available on backwards compatibility, so maybe you can grab one of those smaller games while you wait for the big ones to download. Just like Netflix, the games will come and go as time goes on, so you’ll have to keep an eye on when the game you’re currently playing expires because you don’t want to be left hanging.

You’ll be able to buy any of the games you’ve “rented” for a 20% discount which isn’t half bad, especially if you were debating on buying it anyway. Xbox Game Pass will begin with the preview program before becoming available for everyone later in the spring.

If enough publishers consistently support this service, and Xbox makes their small army of first party titles available, this could be a pretty cheap way to catch up with old games. However, having to download each game doesn’t help anyone with slow or capped internet.

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