July 30, 2015 | by Michael
Who is FUZE?

Earlier today it was announced that Red Ash, the Mega Man Legends spiritual followup, would no longer need public funding from its Kickstarter but instead had been funded by FUZE entertainment. As we scratched our heads wondering what is really going on with the Red Ash’s series of Kickstarter missteps and gaffs one question really remained. Who the hell is FUZE entertainment?


Don’t get us wrong. We’re happy to see Red Ash succeed and the game’s developer, Comcept, even gets to retain the rights. Yet when we explore Fuze’s internet footprint we’re still staring in amazement. According to Fuze’s website they’re a video game console manufacturer based in China. You can tell how serious they are about consoles because they call out other industry notables. Under an image of Master Chief  is an Ouya and its controller with bullet holes in them claiming “Low configuration!”. Alongside it is another image of the Xbox One, which is shown to be on fire, that says “Expensive price and locked area!”. On their ‘About Us’ page they claim their console will be available June 2015 and yet on the product page they still claim “coming soon”.

There is heart though. In one tab is a link called ‘Dream’. It brings you to a roughly translated slideshow following the path that led to Fuze. It talks about playing the NES with childhood friends, playing arcade classics, owning a Playstation for the first time, and suffering through China’s ban on video game consoles by playing mobile games. That feeling of being shut out and denied your dream almost goes hand in hand with Keiji Inafune’s desire to make more Mega Man. If Fuze can dream big, even if those dreams are absolutely insane, maybe Red Ash can dream big too.

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