July 20, 2016 | by John
Well, Here We Go, There’s Gonna Be a Live Action Pokemon Movie (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Max Landis has nothing to do with the movie. Maybe it’ll be fun.

Oh Christ. According to Variety, a live action Pokemon movie is being fast-tracked into production from Legendary Studios. Said movie will star Detective Pikachu, which you may recall from the bizarre game that was released in Japan a while ago.

Supposedly, this deal was struck thanks to Pokemon Go’s sudden popularity. Legendary has been trying to get a Pokemon movie out there for about a year now, but thanks to the app’s success, we’re going to have to see a real live person talk to a CGI Pikachu for an hour and a half in about two years.

If Deadline is to be believed, Max Landis is penning the script for this movie. If this is true, just kill me now. I love Pokemon, but this whole thing sounds like a disaster. I’d be more excited if Landis was completely removed from the equation. Oh well.

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