November 15, 2016 | by Michael
Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Broken At Launch

Watch Dogs 2 comes out today and, for the most part, it’s getting pretty positive reviews. In the days leading up to the release, we began to hear that there were some issues with the game, especially with the game’s multiplayer features, and it looks like a major issue won’t be fixed. Watch Dogs 2 is supposed to allow players to “seamlessly” jump into another player’s game, a feature not dissimilar to the first game. After those reports of crashes and frame rate drops whenever someone did enter someone else’s game, Ubisoft finally removed the feature from the game, and it won’t be back until it’s fixed.

During the pre-launch phase of Watch Dogs 2, we were disappointed to discover an issue tied to the seamless multiplayer feature that caused the game to lag and crash periodically. In order to eliminate that issue at launch and for players to enjoy a smooth game play experience, we have decided to wait to launch the seamless multiplayer feature so it would not impact the core gameplay experience.

Luckily features like co-op will still be working at launch, and I’m sure Ubisoft will fix the issue at some point. Still sad to see yet another large video game release hampered by intense issues at launch. Also a little shady for Ubisoft to wait and announce the removal of this feature until the day of release. Open world games are especially prone to these kind of issues, but you’d hope Ubisoft would have the solution to those typical problems. Either way, let us hope this is fixed quickly, and add it to the long list of reasons to never pre-order a game.

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