July 1, 2015 | by Michael
Warner Bros. Knew About Busted Arkham Port

It’s no secret now that Arkham Knight hasn’t had a perfect release, especially on the PC. In just over a week’s time we’ve watched this sad little show play out and now, it seems, our villain is finally revealed. According to Patrick Klepek over at Kotaku, Warner Bros. knew for months now that the PC port for Arkham Knight was very buggy. The two unnamed sources not only claim that Warner knew about the port’s poor state for months, but also that they chose to release the port despite the bugs because Warner thought it was good enough.

The sources didn’t stop there, they gave insight into how the game was developed for consoles and how that impacted the PC port. According to them the consoles versions took much, much longer than originally expected which is what lead to Arkham Knight being delayed until last week. A QA source also claims that during testing they found loads of PC bugs but because of how difficult the console development turned out to be the console bugs were given priority.

These are just some of the bigger, stranger, revelations in a very long article you should go read. Video game development isn’t easy, and the article does a great job showing how things often go wrong with nobody noticing. The article also points out that Warner Bros. has had a clear, if recent, history at publishing poor PC ports. Hopefully from now on we’ll all follow the golden rule: Don’t preorder video games…on the PC that are published by Warner Bros.

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