September 16, 2015 | by Ryan
Warner Bros Gears Up For…Something

How many separate incidents does it take for a larger picture to begin to form? When do all the pieces begin to fit together? At what distance do you have to be standing, staring at the newspaper clippings and red yarn, before it all connects? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but what I do know is that Warner Bros. Games is probably working on something very big.

The first news story comes from an interview with voice actor Nolan North, in which he states he’s working on a “big, big project” with Warner Bros. He doesn’t give hints as to what it might be, only that it’s going to take up “another 10 years of [his] life.”

The second story is less of a story and more of an observation – WB Games Montréal, who developed Batman: Arkham Origins, is now hiring people. A lot of people. This may not seem important, but it could indicate the presence of a very large upcoming game.

There’s also the fact that this hiring is being done for a “new IP project” in the open-world action genre. “Open-world action” certainly sounds like a description of the Arkham games – is there a follow-up in the works?

So how do these three bits of information fit together? Well, they might not. But, minds tend to speculate, and it’s not entirely unreasonable to assume it’s all connected. DC is about to throw their cinematic universe into full-gear – what if they plan to release a series of new games to piggyback off the success of the Arkham series?

It’s unlikely Warner Bros. would funnel investment into a direct game adaptation of Batman vs. Superman, but it’s equally unlikely they would just pass up the opportunity for a new Superman or even Justice League series of games when the hype for those properties is (presumably) at a high. Maybe it won’t be a series at all, but rather a collection of Arkham-style games based on various DC heroes – although, a Justice League series proper would make more sense.

Of course, this is all just wild speculation. Maybe some people don’t agree with these conspiracy vibes I’m laying down, and that’s fine. But, it’s hard to ignore such a confluence of factors, and generally the simplest explanation is also the right one – known as Occam’s Razor, for those of you not up to snuff on your theoretical problem-solving principles. Whatever the case, WB Games is getting ready for something – whether it’ll be related to DC remains to be seen. I for one hope we’ll be getting a remake of Superman 64 – with all the Battletoads content this year, I’m convinced anything could happen.

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