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October 17, 2016 | by Michael
Video Game Voice Actors are Ready to Strike

Several video game publishers and developers are about to lose a valuable resource, their voice actors. After several months of deliberation, The Screen Actors Guild is prepared to go on strike on Friday if their complaints aren’t directly addressed. Voice acting might seem simple, but in SAG’s list of complaints it sounds pretty rough. Among the complaints are a lack of residual payments, intense and lengthy sessions, and other long-standing issues. None of this is new, voice actors have threatened to strike before, and their complaints about conditions have, mostly, gone unresolved.

If SAG and the eleven companies involved come to some agreement by Friday, then a strike could be avoided. However if neither party can agree, this could end up leading to production delays. It’d be a real awkward announcement to declare a game delayed because you couldn’t justly pay your voice actors.

The eleven companies included are:

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Blindlight, LLC
  • Corps of Discovery Films
  • Disney Character Voices, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.
  • Formosa Interactive, LLC
  • Insomniac Games, Inc.
  • Interactive Associates, Inc. Take 2
  • Interactive Software
  • VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.
  • WB Games, Inc.

With a lot of big names involved, this could end up being one of the largest video game related strikes to ever happen, and we’ll continue to update with whatever needs updating, when whatever happens, happens.

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