June 15, 2021 | by Scott B
VGCC Presents E3 2021 Day 5 – Capcom, Limited Run, and Hell

Video Game Choo Choo has come together this E3 to quickly summarize and hot take over all things E3 this week! On Day 5, John, Franny, Maverick, Rose, and Scott talk all things beer: craft beers, IPAs, hard ciders, hard seltzers, hops, pilsners, and of course, fermentation. It’s Beer3, baby. Also there were (allegedly) some video games.

Video Game Choo Choo is streaming E3 coverage every night this week at twitch.tv/vgchoochoo and is posting the videos-on-demand at youtube.com/videogamechoochoo. Our coverage is also available as podcasts! You can subscribe via iTunes, Hipcast, direct download, or listen below!

Scott is a proud sword owner and gamer of honor. He's also on the "wrestling" "podcast" Wrestling on Air.

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