April 25, 2015 | by Niall
I couldn’t find a big enough GHOST PROBLEMS image.

Put on your cowboy hats and your roller blades, it’s time for Chooch 74! Mike yells about Metal Gear, Niall met @dril, and Lauren went to space and watched some Let’s Plays. John gets fired and we get… “sexy”, note the quotation marks. Plus, Lauren clogged the toilet, John loves Compile Heart and hates MKX. Eventually we get around to the latest news, answer questions, and Niall has a weird BlazBlue main.

Collude with Video Game Choo Choo via iTunes, Hipcast, or Direct Download

Niall is the last remaining emo kid and can usually be found hiding from Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight or waiting in vain for fights in DOA6.

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