It’s a full house this week as John is joined by Lorelai, Maverick, and Solon to talk about the week in and around games. This week, John’s still playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but he’s also digging in to the new Marvel: Snap. Maverick is still lost on the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher grind while Solon has been playing a whole lot of Purgatory Dungeoneer. Lorelai’s been spending time on the farm with Coral Island, Potionomics, and Potion Permit when she isn’t rocking out with the rollback beta of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 and the first 2 chapters of We Are OFK.

In the news, People have gotten the Miiverse social features of the WiiU working, Rocksteady’s studio heads are leaving, and Space for the Unbound has found a new publisher. Sadly, Reiko Kodama has passed away, Activision is pulling more union busting antics, and The Witcher 1 is getting a remake.

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