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August 8, 2021 | by Lorelai
VGCC Episode 367: Gotta Love the Glove

It’s time for Michonskimania as John returns to the hosting chair, joining Scott and Solon in discussing everything from this week in games. John’s been digging hard into the Great Ace Attorney games, Scott’s been playing a bit of Back 4 Blood, while Solon’s jumped face first into the entire Yakuza franchise and Button City.

It’s been a big news week with Super Mario Brothers selling for over 2 million, Capcom showing off the final Street Fighter V DLC character, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds adding BattleGrounds to their name to become PUBG: BattleGrounds. We also dig into the deeper stuff with Steve Gaynor’s abusive behavior at Fullbright, J. Allen Brack stepping down from Blizzard, and Unity making it a whole lot more expensive if developers want to put their game on console.

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