April 18, 2021 | by Eri
VGCC Episode 354: Big Time Talkin’
Why are we gaming? Just to suffer?

John, Maverick, and Melissa return once again to discuss the existential nature of games. John has been chugging his way through Disco Elysium and giving his N64 some love, Maverick goes over his thoughts on Trails of Cold Steel II along with the Unbeatable demo, and Melissa gives us a glimpse of her upcoming Balan Wonderworld review as well as some details of Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5.

In the news, Resident Evil demos were announced, Nintendo Indie World Showcase happened, modders are de-VRing Half-Life: Alyx, rumors of a Square Enix buyout, Twitch purges millions of viewbots, and IO Interactive is opening a new studio!

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