January 5, 2020 | by Walker
VGCC Episode 293: Put Reimu in Smash!

New year, maybe new you, but same old Chooch! This time around it’s a jam-packed episode with John, Rose, Elvie, and Walker. They go over VGCC’s game of the year procedures and winners. Then it’s off to look into the horizon, towards all the major known releases for 2020, including Granblue Fantasy Versus, Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, Neptunia, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Resident Evil 3. On the year’s first catch-up Elvie got a Switch, Destiny doesn’t get cookies, Dragon Quest is nifty and Ultra Despair Girls is absolutely not. Finally, the question’s this week include pepperoni, bleeding frogs, and a Wii U cult!

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Walker is a bilingual Punk living in Mexico. When he's not getting stomped on in a mosh pit he is online getting stomped on in BlazBlue.

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