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October 13, 2019 | by Walker
VGCC Episode 283: The Gacha Minute is Born

John and Rose put aside their differences in podcast hosting for a nice and slow show together. Rose has been playing some MonHun but getting a bit more MMO that she bargained for. And both of them have been playing Pokemon Prism. John breaks us the news regarding new Pokemon and the recently revealed details of the PS5. Rose has been playing Control and that takes them into a conversation about good musical moments in games. Gacha finally solidifies its victory over this podcast by John relenting on the creation of The Gacha Minute which this time around includes Witch Weapon, Dragalia Lost, Digimon and poop.

Then we take a moment off fun and games to discuss certain companies’ relationship to the situation in Hong Kong and as a palate cleanser we dive into questions involving Travis Touchdown, almond milk, Vergil, and reppukens.

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Walker is a bilingual Punk living in Mexico. When he's not getting stomped on in a mosh pit he is online getting stomped on in BlazBlue.

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