January 10, 2014 | by Mike Cosimano
VGCC Episode 25: Hups of Cards
John has no tolerance for useless things.

It’s the first episode of Video Game Choo Choo released in 2014, and the gang continues to push the definition of “comedy” with over 30 minutes of no videogame talk! Thrill as John becomes the new Kevin Spacey, Mike sails the high seas, and Steven tries to figure out how to get away with a crime. Plus, anime.

You can get the episode from iTunes, Hipcast, or direct download. Also, here’s an RSS? Please download the episode if you can! It’s a big help.

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  • Listening to you talk about Arkham City, it’s worth noting that they address one of your key issues in Origins by dumping Batwing fast-travel spots all over the city. That said, sounds like I liked City more than you guys and Origins still didn’t make my top 10 for 2013.

    But I’m still glad I played it, if people are after more Batman it totally achieves that well. Mechanically it’s still a super satisfying game for me. There are a few really neat story moments too, although it never really gets to go anywhere in the end because it’s a prequel.

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