November 3, 2013 | by Mike Cosimano
VGCC Episode 20 – Mike and John Get Married

Sure, Mike and John talk about Ace Attorney 5, Christine Love’s ‘Hate’ games, Consensual Torture Simulator, why PAX is bad again, and The Walking Dead Season 2. But they also talk about flashing in an Arby’s, Brendan Fraiser, horrific school dances, why marijuana causes a hunger for crime, and their plan for a sexless marriage, which is what you all really want to hear, right? Get the episode from iTunes, Hipcast, or download it directly! It’s your choice!

Also, very very minor Ace Attorney spoilers from 44:15 to 47:08, in case you care about that sort of thing. We also used ‘Crows Over the City’ from The Last Door for the opening, because spooky.

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  • Yeah… I disagree with you on the PAX thing.You’re making it sound like Mike is pocketing all the money from the the event and you are supporting this guy by going, but does he really get much money from it. You start to make it sound like people who go to PAX are agreeing with Mike but than clear it up some. And how involved is he with PAX anymore? Like you said, PAX is such a big thing now, should the whole PAX convention be tainted by what this old conservative minded dude says that may not be involved with much of it? Than again, what you think all depends on how you separate the “art from the artist” and I think PAX is not created solely by Mike and thus should not be the sacrificial lamb.

    • He’s still getting money from it. I’m not saying that people are agreeing with him by giving him money, but he thinks he’s in the right because he’s still making money. If we stop supporting this guy all around, he might realize what he’s saying is wrong.

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