December 2, 2016 | by Ryan
Upcoming PaRappa The Rapper Game May Have Leaked

On December 6th, PaRappa The Rapper will have his 20-year anniversary. It’s appropriate then that a new title featuring the rhythmic rapping dog may have leaked. An age-rating application for a title simply called PaRappa The Rapper has been found in South Korea, potentially indicating that PaRappa will be celebrating his 20th birthday with a new game.

The application was submitted on December 2nd and comes out of Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea. It’s unclear exactly whether the application is for a remaster or a wholly new game, but the timing coincides with Sony’s PlayStation Experience this weekend. It would make sense that we’ll hear more info about PaRappa coming out of the conference, especially with a Crash Bandicoot remaster in the works as well.

It’s been fifteen years since the release of PaRappa The Rapper 2, the last game in the franchise. With many other classic PlayStation mascots receiving their dues with re-releases and remasters, trotting PaRappa out of the stable isn’t too surprising. Can Sony teach this old dog new tricks? only time will tell.

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