We sit down again after the holidays to talk all about what’s coming up in a pretty desolate winter season of anime! Learn all about wizards who live “almost forever”, the brave men and women of Fourland, and an assortment of debauchery that will hopefully leave the public’s awareness in 2-3 months.

The opening to this episode is “AIUE” by Minami and SAKURAmoti, and the ending is “Nomick” by ACCAMER.

If you want to send in questions send them to our ask box at videogamechoochoo.tumblr.com/ask

You can also join our discord channel at thegamezone.zone

Thanks to @harlequinwheels for our show art!

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Rose is the one who gets way too caught up in the sociological ramifications of all those Video Games. She will play literally anything, and especially wants you to play The House in Fata Morgana.

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