March 1, 2017 | by John
Ultra Street Fighter II is II Expensive

Switch exclusive Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is one of the oddest titles announced for Nintendo’s new hardware. A revision to a twenty-six year old game with a few new modes and two new characters, heralded as a semi-big deal by Nintendo and Capcom alike. Sure, SFII is highly important in gaming history, but is it $40 important in 2017? Capcom sure thinks so!

You read that right. USFII will release May 26th in the US for $39.99. The last release of Street Fighter II: HD Remix, released for far cheaper in 2008. Sure, HD Remix didn’t add new characters or modes, but when you look at the actual amount of new content, a 4x price increase is ridiculous.

USFII includes the return of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, the 2 v 1 Dynamic Battle mode, a Joy-Con minigame called Way of the Hado where you fight Shadoloo grunts in first person, and an art gallery. I don’t want to downplay the work put into the new modes, characters, and balancing, but again, forty goddamn bucks is hubris at this point.


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