August 16, 2016 | by Michael
Twitch Acquires a Curse

The largest streaming service there is decided to add some weapons to their, sometimes, clunky arsenal. Twitch is buying Curse, a service used by millions of players to assist with social interactions in game. Major games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Terraria all support Curse directly and in some cases, like with Minecraft, support and provide mods. Their own overlay provides access to in-game overlays that can show you group chat, game wikis, or voice chat.

Twitch’s CEO, Emmett Shear, said of the deal, “While it’s still early days for Twitch and Curse, we’re kindred spirits in many ways and are looking forward to working together to enhance our users’ gaming experience.” That sounds less like two companies combining services under one roof and more like two companies operating separately. It’s a shame if Curse’s ideas and technology don’t filter over to Twitch. Twitch may be the industry leader in streaming it isn’t all sunshine and roses sometimes and some changes would be very welcome.

No word on how much Twitch shelled out to purchase Curse, but Curse does boast 30 million unique visitors per month which probably comes with a large price tag. Let’s hope the cost will make both services better, and soon.

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