May 31, 2018 | by Trixie
Trixie’s Intro Post

Hello! My name is Trixie, and I’m brand new to this train blog. Blog train? Training blog. Blogging trains! Anyway, I’m a writer for the site!

I’ve always been behind on the times when it comes to gaming. A PS1 in 2000, a PS2 in 2005, an Xbox 360 years later, a Vita in 2014, and then a finally decent gaming PC in 2017. So I’ve always been drawn to indie games and lowkey stuff, which I’d love to write about and introduce to everyone reading. I love a lot of genres, can’t promise I’m too competent at most of them though. But you don’t have to be good at video games in order to write about them, right?

My main jam though are visual novels. I love reading, and love writing about them. I try to keep up with these kind of games regardless of where they’re released, and it’s such a joy to fall in love with characters and stories and settings, exploring well-developed worlds. You can bet they’re fun to analyze as well. My favorite anything of all time is the Danganronpa series, if that gives you any indication.

The sort of thing I like writing the most, almost if not more than reviews, are analytical pieces or opinions on various subjects. Why things work the way they do and if they even work at all, what kind of impact they have, what a story means, its social dynamics, and so on. Loving games so much that you pick them apart is a curse I gladly bear. It’s always fun to look at games as art and examine them as such, and I’d love to bring that sort of thing to this site as well.

I don’t have much more to say about myself, but I’m glad to be on-board and work with so many neat people and to share my work with all you lovely readers. I promise to display only the best I can do for everyone. Hopefully we can all be friends! You can find me on Twitter and the SCP Wiki, where I am an administrator.

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