March 21, 2017 | by Trex
Trex’s Intro

Hello readers and friends! I’m Trex, a nonbinary 21-year-old located in the armpit of Ohio. Contrary to what you may believe, I’m not the best representative of most stereotypical Ohioans, especially since I am one of the lucky ones to be welcomed into the great Video Game Choo Choo team!

In addition to my snarky humor, I was born with N64 controllers in my hands and electricity in my bones. My talent and passion for video games stemmed from a family of game worshippers, particularly my two older brothers who taught me the ins and outs of speedruns and glitches (after enjoying the game for what it was, first). I remember my earliest days struggling to complete Ocarina of Time because I didn’t yet know how to read. Nevertheless, I played until I couldn’t any longer, and as a result, my heart grew ten times too big for these satisfying little pastimes.

I enjoy a bit more than just games these days; I draw, I write music, I tell bad jokes that I have to explain to practically everyone. And while I attend school for theatre performance, I still yearn for something deeper. I thoroughly believe that returning to my roots will bring my soul a lot of ease and happiness, and I couldn’t be more stoked to be sharing this experience with the Choo Choo Crew.

Tune in to everything I have to say here, and follow me on Twitter while you’re at it. I plan on doing my best to make sure your ride remains the best that it can be!

Trex is a cosplayer, actor, and artist hailing from the vast cornfields of Ohio. They also appreciate the little things in life like making everyone's life a living hell.

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