May 14, 2015 | by Kay
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Confirmed for October 13 Release Date
This release date is non-negotiable

Today, Ubisoft announced that the latest entry in the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six: Siege, will be arriving sooner than some of us thought it would. The trailer they released, seen below, revealed that the game will be dropping on October 13 for Ps4, XBox One, and PC. It also revealed that everyone who preorders it will have guaranteed access to the game’s beta release when that drops as well. While the trailer has no actual gameplay footage shown, it does show off many of the tools and characters you’ll be using in the game. There’s lots of explosions and destruction and even some kind of ‘drill-bullet’.

Former chooch Head Honcho Mike Cosimano got to get hands-on with an earlier build of it at last year’s E3 and had generally good things to say about it, and earlier this year Ubisoft put out a test alpha of the game that was generally liked. Ubisoft is apparently confident that this positivity will continue to grow, with CEO Yves Guillemot saying “Over its lifetime, we believe Rainbow Six: Siege has the potential to become the highest-selling shooter in Ubisoft’s history.”

Those are some big words! While I’m personally not big into shooters, this game definitely looks flashy and exciting. Hopefully Siege can live up to those big words and big hopes Ubisoft has for it.


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