August 18, 2016 | by Michael
Titanfall 2 Finally Adds Buffalo Wings Support

After a hard day’s worth of work, battling it out on a foreign planet, and defending your faction from inside a giant mech Titan, you want only one thing: wings. Sauce covered, piping hot, bone in (or out), wings. Many places may offer wings, but very few do wings right. Luckily for you, when you’re playing hours and hours of Titanfall 2 later this year you’ll have a great wing place backing your esports dreams up. Buffalo Wild Wings is forming a unit with EA, Respawn, and Titanfall.

Now I need to put your car keys down for a moment and hold yourself back from bolting out the door and stuffing yourself with delicious buffalo wings. This partnership is actually not entirely clear just yet. We do know that going to a Buffalo Wild Wings will earn you some sort of promotion that will give players “immediate access to this new mode where players have the chance to earn huge rewards.” There’s no word on what those rewards will be, or how Buffalo Wild Wings will be handing out these rewards. You will have to purchase something, I assume, at a Buffalo Wild Wings, during a certain period of time in order to receive this bonus. That’s no problem though, who doesn’t want to visit the Buffalo Wild Wings daily in order to receive unclear, in-game, bonuses?

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I strap on a bib, wash out my bone bucket, and shovel as many wings as humanly possible into my face until I have my very own mech Titan.


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