August 12, 2016 | by Scott B
THQ is Back, Baby

About three years ago, the Vienna/Austria based Nordic Games managed to scoop up 13 franchises and IPs from THQ during its liquidation, including some major titles such as Darksiders, Red Faction, and Destroy All Humans! A year later, Nordic also acquired the THQ trademark, seemingly to publish THQ games under the THQ name. Earlier today, however, Nordic has reincorporated into THQ Nordic, bringing a brand most people considered dead in the water back to land.

In their press release, THQ Nordic stated that this is “the next phase in our company’s evolution,” not just taking on the THQ brand, but also taking on much larger projects. Previously they’d worked on publishing boxed versions of Alan Wake, remastering Painkiller, and distributing Ori and the Blind Forest on PC among a handful of small, original titles. Now, THQ Nordic boasts 23 projects currently in development, including 13 that will be announced over the coming months. THQ Nordic also stated that many of the projects are based on former THQ franchises and IPs.

Nordic has made significant growth since its founding in 2008, going from a company with two people publishing titles like Dance Party Club Hits and Truck Racer. In 2009, they landed their first million plus selling title called We Sing for the Nintendo Wii. It was four years later when Nordic finally made a name for itself by acquiring the majority of the THQ library during it’s bankruptcy. Since it’s creation, THQ Nordic now has 84 employees, and also controls Rainbow Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as Grimlore Games in Munich, Germany.

THQ Nordic will be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this year to show off their current projects and upcoming games. We should expect to hear about some of their new projects then.

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