February 8, 2016 | by Devin
This Is My Stop
Offboarding this train to catch another line.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and moving to new places, and between jobs and school I’ve done plenty in my day. The chance to settle in and define yourself in a new space is a chance to make friends, get some work done, and spread your wings. This website is called Video Game “Choo Choo” for a reason: my time here felt like a train ride taking me somewhere new. And it has.

As much as I loved my time here on VGCC, I think it’s time I began a new journey. Through a combination of dumb luck and opportunism, I somehow snagged a contract with Paste Magazine’s Tech section. I’ll be covering digital photography and video products, which almost makes the mountain of debt and time invested in a degree seem worth it. It’s a whole new world to dive into, and my stomach flips every time I think about it. The only reason I was able to get to this point was every article, every podcast, every minute working with the team here, and I cannot forget that. You never realize what you need to bring to a job until someone shows you what it takes. In my first year of writing I learned very quickly that no matter how much practice and personality you have stored up, it amounts to nothing if you don’t lay it on the paper. Wanting to write for a living is one thing, but taking the time to improve and work with a team is the first step to actually doing it. And I have no doubt that taking the first steps here on Chooch is the best decision I’ve made in years.

Thank you, first and foremost, to the team here at Chooch, for letting me on board this crazy train. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my articles and survive my Persona only phase. The friends I brought along with me and the ones gained here are quickly becoming steadfast pillars I can lean on. I hope anyone who enjoyed my presence here will keep an ear to the ground for me.

I’ll still be playing plenty of games and griping about them on Twitter, but it’s high time for someone else to do it on here. No one knows what the future holds but when it comes, it hits like a train.

-Devin “Maestro” Hall

Devin can neither confirm nor deny if he is the result of a massive experiment gone horribly right. Master of the Wu-Tang sword style.

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