January 18, 2017 | by Michael
Things We Still Don’t Know About The Nintendo Switch

Despite the sudden deluge of stories and information about the Nintendo Switch, we still don’t have solid answers about quite a few things. Some of the information is still based on speculations and rumors from months ago, and some are straight up being teased or ignored by Nintendo. Either way, we’re still curious about the Switch and what it’ll mean for video games.

Joy-Con Grip Charger

Nintendo’s newest innovations are the Switch’s Joy-Cons. A set of tiny controllers that serve as both fancy Wii-Motes and fancy Wii U controllers. Just like the console itself, these controllers have a rechargeable battery that will need the occasional electric plug-in to keep going. What isn’t clear is just how long these Joy-Cons will last on a single charge (rumor says 20 hours), nor if the Joy-Con Grip itself will charge them.

We do know that the Joy-Cons will charge when slid into the Switch, but as for the capabilities of the pack-in Joy-Con Grip, we have no clue. Nintendo is selling a Joy-Con Grip that charges the Joy-Cons separately, but no indication if the ones sold with the Switch are the same thing. It maybe isn’t the biggest issue, since modern controllers like the PS4’s controller need constant recharging. However, the Switch’s gimmick is focused on mobility and usability. Even with 20 hours of charge, it isn’t fair to remove some versatility from a console you want me to take with me everywhere I go.

The Real 2017 Release Lineup

During the big Switch announcement, we heard about a lot of new games and learned some information about familiar old ones. 1-2 Switch, Zelda, and Bomberman were all slated for launch, and newcomers like Arms and Super Mario: Odyssey are all on their way. However, tons of heavily rumored games didn’t make any kind of appearance.

Pokemon: Stars, a console port of Pokemon: Sun and Moon, was expected to suddenly make its way into the public eye, but it never got mentioned. Rumor is the game is still being worked on, but it would probably make a better E3 announcement, especially if it isn’t coming until the end of the year. If June passes by and we still haven’t heard word about one of Nintendo’s premier franchises, it’ll signal something might be up with this port. This seems like a slam dunk decision, but video game development is never that easy.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 and a Rabbids/Mario crossover board game were also expected to show up. Rabbids meets Mario is still considered real and still on its way with several people all claiming to have heard about this title. However, Beyond Good and Evil has had its own host of issues and rumors since its announcement. For one, plenty of people continue to echo the news that Ubisoft is getting funding from Nintendo to help finish the game, making it a possible Switch exclusive. Ubisoft always shows up for a console launch, but not with this strong of a lineup. Perhaps they’re hiding these games in their back pocket, or maybe it’s just some wishful thinking.

Those Free NES/SNES Games

Nintendo announcing a new paid online service isn’t terribly shocking. We’ve lived with Xbox and Playstation charging us to play online with our friends, and Nintendo has been trying to ramp up their online pedigree. It only makes sense to step into the modern world of video games and hopefully match their two competitors. That should include some sort of free game to help entice us to jump in. However, Nintendo’s wording on the Switch website is somewhat unclear, making it sound like they will offer NES and SNES games for free every month, but will then take away your access once that month ended.

It’s not shocking that some fans were a little upset. Other services let you keep your games as long as you keep paying, and for Nintendo to “reward” subscribers with temporary access just doesn’t seem fair. Nintendo’s clarification merely repeated some of their original language, but now we’re seeing some developers claim it’ll be more like PS+, allowing you to keep these games.


Prices For All These Games

Nintendo announced plenty of new titles coming to the Switch including games like Arms, 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, and Ultra Street Fighter 2. They surprised most of us, and got us even more interested in the new console, but when we went searching around on retail sites, something was off. None of these games have consistent prices, and when they do they are often listed as full, $60, games.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these games will come out and be worth plopping down a few twenty dollar bills. However, games like Bomberman and Street Fighter are callbacks to the original games, and unless they’re adding a ton of new content, these titles shouldn’t be the same price as something completely new. Even Skyrim, a nearly six year old game, is listed as $60 on retail sites, even though it’s $40 on PS4 and Xbox One. I’m ok with the occasional classic coming to the Switch, but don’t charge me extra for it. Nintendo needs to clear all this up before consumers will be ready to invest in their newest console.

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