June 15, 2015 | by Lauren
The Rumors were true. The Last Guardian was at E3 2015.
But now what?

The Last Guardian isn’t cancelled. That’s incredibly exciting, but it’s important to remember that this is a very old title. The game’s Art direction has evolved remarkably little in the six years since it was announced, the design of the creature is almost exactly the same, the child character you play as is clearly evocative of Yorda, and the ruin-filled canyon the trailer was set in feels almost pedestrian now. The game is old. That’s worrying.

In many ways it’s easy to see that game has been made by the team that did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and that’s exciting. But The Shadow of the Colossus was made ten years ago, and while The Last Guardian was utterly unique when it was announced back in 2009 the game industry has changed a lot in these past six years.

It’s being made now, and that’s awesome, but the question remains. Will it be good?

Here’s the trailer, place your bets in the comments.

Not moe.

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