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May 29, 2019 | by Janie
The Route 05: Go Fish

ROOT calls on old friends as they prepare for their latest mission: tracking down a tap placed on an important pipeline of solar energy for the Chrome Hand. Dusk plays cards. Fleet knocks on a door. Ken makes a choice. Star remembers to like and subscribe. Janie does an excellent impression.

To: a.augustine@ccg
Subject: Re: I’m leaving.


Your application for PERMANENT RESIGNATION has been reviewed and denied.
If it brings you comfort, written below is the reason provided by your superior for this decision:

Don’t run, please. Whatever you do don’t run. You’re in too deep. They’ll find you. They’ll drag you back here. Then you’ll be in the chamber next. You know too much. Whatever you do, please don’t ruCHARACTER LIMIT EXCEEDED

If you wish to appeal this decision, please contact:

The Route is our Actual Play podcast, playing through a campaign of The Sprawl. You can get episodes a week early by subscribing to our patreon at! Reminder that you can follow the site on twitter @VGChooChoo, our GM Janie @jjaffew, Rose @horngal, Scott @socksbloodborne, Niall @yourpalniall, and Solon @Solonface. Cover art and theme music by Janie. If you like the music you can download it for PWYW at Thanks!

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