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April 16, 2019 | by Janie
The Route 03: Provisional Victories

How will ROOT fare when they face down with Sibyl Disturbance and the Cherrygrove security team? Will they succeed in making away with the prototype? Or buy the farm in an alley before this story’s even getting started? Find out in this week’s episode of: The Route. Star tries to shine. Ken keeps his cool. Fleet does some first aid. Dusk does some ‘first aid’.

A rooftop showdown. The smell of propellant. The flash of a light. A pair of wings. Something falls.

The Route is our new Actual Play podcast, playing through a campaign of The Sprawl. You can get episodes a week early by subscribing to our patreon at! Reminder that you can follow the site on twitter @VGChooChoo, our GM Janie @jjaffew, Rose @horngal, Scott @socksmahoney, Niall @yourpalniall, and Solon @Solonface. Cover art and theme music by Janie. If you like the music you can download it for PWYW at Thanks!

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