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March 5, 2019 | by Janie
The Route 00: A Petition, A Prayer, A City

In this character and world-building episode, the crew gets together for the first time to make characters, talk setting, and set the scene for our new actual play campaign of The Sprawl. Scott pumps the gas. Solon checks his lighting. Niall finds his gang. Rose sharpens her blades. Janie ticks some clocks. Intercession lies in wait.


Beneath the footholds of the Rocky Mountains, at a crossing of 6 transnational deep roads, lies a precipitate city, somewhere that only exists to be between two better places. Those who end up here, have nowhere else to go. So they drive and push and fix and kill, always searching for something more. Another gig. Another shot at fame. Another chance to escape their past. Another way to change this world. But listeners…never forget, that we are wrought of chrome and carbon and silicon. We are but tools, made for hands far bigger than our own. I don’t think they’ll ever let their tools go moving on their own. This is Timeless, signing off.


The Route is our new Actual Play podcast, playing through a campaign of The Sprawl. You can get future episodes a week early by supporting us over on our Patreon! You can follow the site on twitter @VGChooChoo,  our GM Janie @jjaffe, Rose @horngal, Scott @socksmahoney, Niall @yourpalniall, and Solon @Solonface. Cover art and theme music by Janie.

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