October 20, 2016 | by John
The NX is the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally revealed the Nintendo Switch, the console formally known as the NX.

As shown in the video and previously leaked and speculated on, the Switch is a combination home console/handheld that runs games either on a TV or a built-in screen with detachable controllers called the “Joy-Con”. Said controllers can be slid on or off, depending on if you want to hold the screen, set it down to play multiplayer, or use a Pro-style full controller. It is also using cartridges, surprisingly.


Nintendo surprisingly showed off a few games, leading with Breath of the Wild and following up with the Skyrim remaster, a new Mario, NBA, Mario Kart, and Splatoon. I’m guessing each of these games will launch alongside the Switch when it releases in March next year. We’ll probably be seeing more Switch games in the coming months, as a list of companies partnering with Nintendo has just been revealed.

Personally, I thought this was everything I could’ve hoped for after all the leaks. Nintendo needed a strong concept and they delivered, and the added bonus of having third party AAA games in a portable fashion is a huge step above and I look forward to picking those games up for Switch just for the option even if I don’t use it.

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