July 13, 2016 | by Mike Cosimano
The John Michonski Experience Two Thousand and Sixteen AD
Better late than never!

We’ve been killing the video game (the game of making videos, not the form of entertainment this website covers) ever since 2014, when our table scraps were repurposed as the inaugural annual John Michonski Experience™. This year, 2016 years after the birth of a major religious figure, a second major religious figure eats a lotta burgers for your enjoyment in the third installment of this dumb inside joke. Slurp up that smooth root beer and pull up a chair, because it’s time for the most slapdash “this is literally all the footage Mike didn’t use over the course of the week”-style video ever produced for this website!

Wait, hold on. Look at the footage! There’s a…very tall glitch*…in the Matrix…

*that entire Max segment was just for that one bit with him crying

Mike Cosimano used to be in charge of this place, but now he isn't! Now he's on Destructoid.

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