June 14, 2016 | by Ryan
The Dark Rat Gods Of Death Are Returning

Many moons ago, a secret ritual was completed that brought the Great Apostate of Gaming, the Mascot Icon of Darkest Failure, Bubsy, back into our material realm. Now, the salted earth is ripe yet again for a culling, and the Bad Rats have surfaced from the oily depths of nightmares past. An “E3” gameplay video for Bad Rats Show has surfaced, and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Marvel as gameplay from Bad Rats is shamelessly recycled! Stare with mouth agape as your ears are relentlessly assaulted by the choir of rats! Shake your head in disbelief as the racist caricatures make a return! Be shocked at fully three-dimensional stages and what might be sandbox gameplay! Clutch your loved ones and hold tight in the face of nonsensical dialogue and atrocious voice-acting! Oh yeah baby…the rats are back!

This newest offering to the Old Ones offers “comic cartoon violence” as well as “lots of laughters.” Prep your apocalypse bunker soon, because this nuclear turd of a game is dropping on Steam “from July 2016” with an official date coming within the next few days.

Retreat into the void of endless night and the cacophony of shrieking madness with the trailer below:

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