August 12, 2022 | by VGCC Staff
The Bulletin: Rock the Dragon

This is mostly fighting game stuff from Evo, so buckle up.

Unity is yet another game engine developer to partner with the government on defense contracting. Unity joins Unreal in assisting the warmongers in Washington to develop new ways of simulating mass death.

Dragonball characters are coming to Fortnite. Leaks indicate Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and either Bulma or Android 18 will be available as skins. What a world we live in.

A live action Pac-Man movie is in development from some of the minds behind the Sonic films. No word on if ol’ Pac will be teaming up with a human to defeat the ghosts invading Earth but that’s probably exactly what it’ll be, right?

In related news, the third Sonic movie is releasing December 20th, 2024. This is the same day as the third Avatar movie, which means Sonic is coming for James Cameron next.

Nintendo posted a Splatoon 3-focused Nintendo Direct. Updates included new three-way Splatfests, updates on weapons and gear, and new characters.

The Evo Section:

Street Fighter 6‘s latest additions are Juri and Kimberly. Kimberly is a student of Guy from Final Fight who uses spray paint in her moves. Juri is fully accepting the foot-freak life.

Bridget is the latest character to be added to Guilty Gear Strive. Also she’s a girl.

There will also be a new Garou/Fatal Fury game in the future. No other real information except that Rock Howard’ll be in it, but please god bring back the T.O.P. system.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax got its rollback updateOther games getting rollback in the future are Samurai Shodown and Dragon Ball FighterZ, while Guilty Gear Strive and King of Fighters XV will be adding cross-platform play in the near-future.

Marie, the final boss of Skullgirls‘ arcade mode, will be added as a fully playable character in 2023. She rounds out the first season of DLC for 2nd Encore, joining the previously added Annie and Umbrella, as well as the soon to be released Black Dahlia.

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