April 17, 2017 | by Michael
Tencent Expands Online Games Store

By all accounts Tencent is a massive company that owns Clash of Clans, League of Legends, and 2.3% of every human soul. They seemingly won’t stop there however, and have announced that their mainly Chinese focused online store, WeGame, will be expanding and will soon accommodate “global users.” That would significantly increase WeGame’s current user base of 200 million compared to that of Steam’s 125 million. That wouldn’t just be a competitor to Steam’s stranglehold on the PC market, but be the new market leader.

This would be yet another feather in Tencent’s hat. They’ve been steadily growing for years and even own a part of Activision and Epic Games. Tencent isn’t just going to go head to head with Valve and Steam, they could easily eclipse them. Granted this will take a while, you don’t take over a market over night and opening a store to a global market could have plenty of snafus. Maybe Valve will have some time to play catch up, or maybe we’re all doomed and Tencent are our new parents.

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