November 14, 2016 | by John
Telltale’s Next Game Reportedly Guardians of the Galaxy

The SAG-AFTRA strike is a serious affair which we should still pay attention to. But on the less serious side of things, some documents made public by the strike gave us a peek at a few future releases, and the biggest one we have a solid lead on is Telltale’s Marvel series, which appears to be Guardians of the Galaxy.

The public PDF that listed the series now calls it “Blue Harvest,” a reference to Return of the Jedi’s codename. However, sources claim the PDF originally read “Guardians of the Galaxy” clear as day. Eurogamer has collaborated this fact, and claims the game will have its first trailer during Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards. Other interesting things to note are another Call of Duty (most likely next year’s Sledgehammer game) and something with a Saints Row title, which may actually be Volition’s Agents of Mayhem, a game many believe to be in the Saints‘ universe.

We’ll know for sure if Guardians is real once the Game Awards roll around, but I don’t doubt it. GotG fits Telltale’s model well, and it’ll most likely land around the same time as the next movie. Hopefully the game isn’t as buggy as Batman was this year, but knowing Telltale, I bet it will be.

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