Tales of Arise
June 7, 2019 | by Spencer
Tales of Arise Leaked as E3 Looms Closer

Update: The trailer for Tales of Arise premiered at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

The E3 leaks are upon us, and one of the first titles to be unveiled early is Tales of Arise, the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s popular RPG series. Boasting a new art style somewhere between Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest XI, Tales of Arise looks primed for capturing a wider audience whilst retaining the familiar trappings of the action-RPG gameplay the Tales series is known for, according to leaker Sabi on Twitter.

There isn’t a lot of quantifiable information about the title at this time. What is known is that Tales of Arise runs on Unreal Engine 4, and that animation work for the game will be done by notable Japanese animation studio Ufotable.

We’ll have to wait for Bandai Namco’s official E3 presentation for more substantial information, which will no doubt come with footage of the game’s action-RPG combat system, as well as some animated sequences. Be sure to stay tuned as we plan to cover all that and more right here.


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