The Dark Souls of Podcasts

February 21, 2021 | by 

Still waiting on a youtuber to start covering WWE2K20 lore.

November 25, 2019 | by 

Fashionably late but still unfashionable because everyone is wearing naruto headbands.

October 24, 2019 | by 

Dark Souls and Game Of Thrones make Lord Of The Rings baby.

June 9, 2019 | by 

Playing this game felt like playing the game in all of those anime where people play video games and they just let you do crazy shit like be an Oni shrine maiden.

May 28, 2019 | by 

Finally, my long-needed Dark Souls thinkpiece to pad my résumé.

October 16, 2018 | by 

Bungie's really done it this time...

May 13, 2018 | by 

We did it! 200!

January 21, 2018 | by 

I had to make sure the image for this one was tasteful.

January 14, 2018 | by