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June 12, 2018 | by Janie
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Brings Back The Entire Roster

At the Nintendo Direct today, we got a lot of news about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the new Smash game on Switch! Sakurai came on stream to announce that they’re bringing back EVERY character from the previous Smash games. Ice climbers, Snake, Pokémon Trainer, Mr. Game & Watch, everybody is coming back. Also the long rumored Ridley from Metroid is joining the roster, as announced in a trailer where he fucking impales Mario and Megaman. It’s so much. Also he’s not too big they made him just kinda normal sized.

There were a lot of other smaller details about the game that I’m just gonna run down in a big bulleted list if that’s alright with y’all.


  • 8 player battles are back!
  • Mario now has cappy!
  • Link is in his BOTW costume, has remote bombs and an ancient arrow final smash.
  • Ganondorf is back in his OoT outfit, and turns into Demon King Ganon for his final smash
  • Zelda is back in a new design based on A Link Between Worlds, and has a ‘triforce of wisdom’ final smash.
  • Final smashes in general have been reworked to be faster, and more balanced overall, which is nice! Lots of characters have new ones that all look real cool. Honorable mentions:
    • King Dedede has a fucking cage match
    • Little Mac turns into Giga Mac and does some straight up Star Platinum shit which rules
    • Bowser turns into metal-as-hell giant Bowser from Yoshi’s Island
    • Samus has a huge laser which, honestly, she deserves, love her, what an icon.
  • Pikachu can be a girl now which is VERY important. (Did you know that lucha Pikachu is a girl?)
  • You can also be a girl Pokémon trainer which is also great!
  • Kirby is back and nothing is really different with him, but he deserves his own bullet point regardless because he’s so cute.
  • Everyone has new expressions they make during battle, they showed off Donkey Kong making some PREMIUM faces

  • Some old maps are reappearing, including Shadow Moses Island, and some new maps are being added, including Moray Tower from Splatoon, and Great Plateau Tower from BOTW. (Great Plateau Tower has King Rhoam looking grumpy in the background as you just totally destroy this ancient tower, its great)
  • All stages will now have simplified battlefield and omega forms
  • Daisy is joining as an ‘echo-fighter’ of Peach!
  • Inklings are also joining the roster, using ink that causes enemies to take more damage when they’re hit, and a Killer Wail final smash.
  • Lots of new assist trophies including the Squid Sisters, Jeff from Earthbound, and Bomberman (yep, its him!!). You can also now get points for KO’ing them
  • The game will also be compatible with gamecube controllers, because apparently some people can’t leave Melee in the past

There were lots of even smaller details that I’m not going to write up, but that gave the impression that this game is going to strike a balance between making competitive play viable and more clear, and ensuring casual play is still a lot of fun. The game will be released December 7th, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

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