Super Mario Run
September 7, 2016 | by Rose
Super Mario Run Is Mario’s iPhone Debut

At today’s Apple event, Nintendo announced that their ongoing foray into the massive mobile market will finally bring their famous plumber to the small screen. Super Mario Run was shown off by Shigeru Miyamoto live, who touted the game’s ability to be played one-handed.

The goal of the game is pretty simple, the player will control Mario as he jumps across stages collecting as many coins as possible in a certain amount of time. The only control given however, is tapping the screen to jump, which makes this game seem like a very low-key, low-stress type of experience.

Though the main draw is the single player, there is also multiplayer in the form of Toad Rally, which will allow you to race against players on your friends list, and around the world. Though the gameplay will remain the same, you will also be faced with impressing various toads with your incredible one-armed feats.

Super Mario Run will be released for a premium price this holiday season, alongside Super Mario series stickers for iOS, with more details coming later in the year. Don’t worry if you’re not an Apple fanatic, the game will release on iOS first and eventually come to other devices too.

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